What does JOOM sell

Besides the e-Commerce platform, Joom operates a logistics, financial technology and wholesale trade branch as well.

Is Joom available in India?

Cross-border e-commerce marketplace Joom has begun operations in India. The Lisbon-headquartered firm has launched a platform for local merchants and exporters in eight Indian cities — Mumbai, New Delhi, Indore, Jaipur, Surat, Roorkie, and Ludhiana.

What does JOOM sell

What does Joom do?

Joom Marketplace is an e-commerce platform and mobile app that sells products from Asia and Europe.

Is JOOM a genuine site?

Is JOOM legit? It's legit, BUT you have to be prepared and know the shipping will take a month or 2 months to get to you most the time, and just like with WISH- out of every 10 or so items I order, there's almost always a couple I never actually get.

What kind of app is Joom?

More information

Package Name com.joom
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Shopping
Language English 21 more

What brands ship to India?

10 AMAZING International Fashion Brands That Deliver To India!

  • Lulu's: For The Girl Who Loves Dressing Up! …
  • Romwe: A Statement With Every Outfit. …
  • Nasty Gal: For The #GirlBoss In You! …
  • Skinny Dip: Runway To Reality… …
  • Lipsy: All Things Classy. …
  • Boohoo: Trends 101! …
  • River Island: Shoes Galore! …
  • Topshop: For A High Street Party.

Can you order Shein to India?

Shein is partnering with Reliance Retail to make a comeback in India after a three-year ban. Shein was banned alongside other Chinese apps in 2020 over data privacy and security concerns. After the ban, Shein products continued to be available on the Amazon e-commerce site.

What countries is Joom supported in?

The key markets where Joom Logistics Ltd. operates are Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Europe, with shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Great Britain, the CIS countries and other destinations.

Who delivers for Joom?

The most popular courier services used to ship products from Joom are SF-Express, Yun Express, ePacket China Post and Flyt Express.

Who is the owner of Joom?

Ilya Shirokov is the Chairman and Co-founder for global mobile marketplace JOOM that has been launched in June of 2016. public internet company in Europe. During Shirokov's tenure there, 'Odnoklassniki' grew in revenue more than 10 times and EBITDA more than 15 times. The fastest growing mobile marketplace in Europe.

How do I sell on Joom?

How to Start Selling on Joom?

  1. Step 1: Register to open an account.
  2. ⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: Only legal entities are allowed to register as Joom merchants. …
  3. Step 2: Activate your account.
  4. Log into your Joom account and fill out all the necessary information on the Settings page:

Which brands does Zara copy?

Zara is also often accused of selling copycat products. In 2016, it came under fire after it was accused of allegedly ripping off designs from an independent designer, Tuesday Bassen. In 2012, it was accused of ripping off New York street designer Patrick Waldo, The Huffington Post reported.

How to buy from China and ship to India?

Import From China to India: Getting Started

  1. Identify goods for import. …
  2. Enduring they comply with Regulatory rules of your Country. …
  3. Find a supplier in China. …
  4. Calculate the landed cost of your goods. …
  5. Confirming the order, the Shipping them. …
  6. Customs Clearance and Delivery to your warehouse. …
  7. Conclusion. Summarizing the process.

Which app is similar to Shein in India?

Brands Like Shein in India:

  • Urbanic. Taking a number one spot is Urbanic, which mirrors Shein's trendy appeal and affordability. …
  • Fancy Pants Official. …
  • Ewa Young. …
  • Closet Hues. …
  • Burger Bae. …
  • Fab Alley. …
  • Koovs. …
  • Myntra.

Is Shein delivering in India after ban?

Yes, your products will be delivered. Though shein is banned in India it has not stopped its operations in India. The true ban hasn't revealed it true nature. The company has promised to deliver the products with 7 to 12 days.

Who is the owner of Joom app?

Founders and Board of Directors of Joom

Pavel Glushkov, Co-Founder & Developer, is a founder of 1 company. Mikhail Trofimov, Co-Founder, is a founder of 1 company.

Who ships Zara parcels?

We use DHL to send all of our orders and they are forwarded to the national postal service on arrival in the country of destination. How long does delivery take? International orders generally take between 1-3 working days to arrive.

Where does Joom deliver from?

Joom Logistics itself doesn't ship your orders or own any warehouses, but only coordinates with other logistics companies that are specialised in handling the shipping process. The official partner of JL in China (Mainland and Hong Kong) is Hecny Group, from which the journey of your parcels begins.

How does Joom deliver?

In fact, Joom will deliver your parcels/packages via other couriers and postal companies when the economy or express delivery services are selected by the buyers at the checkout.

Is Zara like Shein?

Zara is much older than Shein; it was founded in 1975 in Spain by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera. And unlike Shein, Zara had always aimed to be a fast fashion brand. From its inception, it became a hit among consumers by offering low-cost versions of popular and expensive clothing.

Does H&M copy clothes?

Although H&M has not been a stranger to translating or copying key catwalk pieces into its own collections throughout the years, the retailer has now filed a lawsuit against Shein for copying its own designs.

How much shipping cost from China to India per kg?

Air freight rates from China to India (updated May 2023)

Destination Airport Price Per KG ($USD) Estimated Transit time (days)
Bengalore (BLR) 5.1 4-5
Mumbai (BOM) 3.6 2-3
Chennai (MAA) 4.6 4-5
Dehli (DEL) 3.3 2-3

How much does 1 container cost from China to India?

The cost of sending a container from India to China is typically higher than the cost of transporting a container from China to India. According to ASSOCHAM, a container coming from China to India can cost a fee of around $600. On the return route, the fee may be nearly $1,200.

Can Indians still shop on Shein?

Almost three years after getting banned in India, Chinese online fast fashion brand Shein is re-entering India in partnership with the country's leading retailer Reliance Retail, said industry sources.

Is Shein still blocked in India?

Shein: User privacy,

Three years after the ban, Shein is re-entering the Indian market through its partnership with Reliance Retail. Shein will have access to Reliance Retail's sourcing capabilities, warehousing, and logistics infrastructure and access to their portfolio of online and offline stores.

Is shein coming back?

Shein has returned to India after being banned three years ago, but it must follow some strict rules as part of a licensing deal with Reliance Industries, Bloomberg reported. The fast fashion retailer, now headquartered in Singapore, will cede its Indian business to Reliance's retail arm.

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