Who is the owner of JOOM

Ilya Shirokov is the Chairman and Co-founder for global mobile marketplace JOOM that has been launched in June of 2016. public internet company in Europe. During Shirokov's tenure there, 'Odnoklassniki' grew in revenue more than 10 times and EBITDA more than 15 times. The fastest growing mobile marketplace in Europe.

Is Joom a Russian company?

Joom is a Latvian group of e-commerce and fintech companies founded in June 2016. It also has offices in China, Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, and Luxembourg.

Who is the owner of JOOM

Is Joom based in China?

The company is headquartered in Riga, Latvia, and has offices all over the world, including Hong Kong, China, Germany and the US. Besides the e-Commerce platform, Joom operates a logistics, financial technology and wholesale trade branch as well.

What kind of app is Joom?

More information

Package Name com.joom
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Shopping
Language English 21 more

What are big Russian brands?

Largest firms

Rank Name Industry
1 Gazprom Oil and gas
2 Lukoil Oil and gas
3 Rosneft Oil and gas
4 Sberbank Finance

What big companies are owned by Russians?

So, let's now take a look at the giants of a failing country, starting with:

  • United Aircraft Corporation. Total market cap as at 3rd Feb 2023 (in billions): $4.7. …
  • RusHydro. Total market cap as at 3rd Feb 2023 (in billions): $5.0. …
  • Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. …
  • Magnit. …
  • Severstal. …
  • Novolipetsk Steel. …
  • Transeft. …
  • Tatneft.

What countries does Joom deliver to?

operates are Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Europe, with shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Great Britain, the CIS countries and other destinations.

Does China have Shein?

In 2022, the company fully moved its headquarters from China to Singapore for regulatory, international expansion, and financial reasons – while keeping its supply chains and warehouses in China. In 2022, Shein generated US$24 billion in revenue, a total almost as large as established retailers Zara and H&M.

What countries is Joom supported in?

The key markets where Joom Logistics Ltd. operates are Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and Europe, with shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Great Britain, the CIS countries and other destinations.

Is Joom a free app?

You can use Joom absolutely for free!

What is the richest company in Russia?

Largest firms

Rank Name Revenue (USD billions)
1 Gazprom 112.2
2 Lukoil 93.84
3 Rosneft 86.21
4 Sberbank 53.7

What is the most sold product in Russia?

Popular products

The top products and categories for Russian ecommerce buyers include tours/tickets/hotels, event tickets, electronics, clothing & accessories and cosmetics & care products.

What companies won t leave Russia?

Digging In

Name Action Industry
Carl's Jr. | CLK still operating in Russia Consumer Discretionary
Cham Wings still flying to Russia Industrials
ChampionX Business as usual Energy
Charoen Pokphand Foods still operating in Russia Consumer Staples

Does Joom ship to USA?

Your Joom purchases delivered to your door in the United States by ColisExpat.

How do I list my product on JOOM?

How to Add Products?

  1. Go to the Products page in your Joom account;
  2. Click on the Manage Products button;
  3. Choose Create in Panel;
  4. Fill in the required product information: Product Basic Information; Product Attributes; Product Variation / Variations Information.
  5. Click on the Save button.

Who is the CEO of Shein?

Sky Xu

He will retain his position as Chairman of SHEIN Latin America while taking on the responsibilities of the Group Vice Chairman, collaborating with SHEIN's CEO, Sky Xu, and Executive Chairman, Donald Tang.

What company owns Shein?

Nanjing Lingtian Information Technology

Who owns Shein? Shein is owned by parent company Nanjing Lingtian Information Technology, although the company's ownership is frequently branded a mystery.

What country is wish in?

United States
Wish (company)

Type of business E-commerce
Headquarters San Francisco , U.S.
Country of origin United States
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Piotr Szulczewski Sheng Zhang

Can you sell on JOOM?

Joom.com provides access to many markets with a single interface. In other words, sellers can open a single store on Joom.com and sell wherever they want. So the more countries they activate, the more orders they get.

What are the top 3 richest companies?

Top 10 Companies by Market Cap in 2023

Company Sector Market Cap (in USD)
#1 Apple Technology $2.728 trillion
#2 Microsoft Technology $2.344 trillion
#3 Saudi Aramco Oil & Gas $2.241 trillion
#4 Alphabet (Google) Technology $1.640 trillion

What are the top 3 exports in Russia?

Yearly Trade

During the last five reported years the exports of Russia have changed by $185B from $298B in 2016 to $484B in 2021. The most recent exports are led by Crude Petroleum ($113B), Refined Petroleum ($81.8B), Petroleum Gas ($37.7B), Coal Briquettes ($19.1B), and Gold ($19.1B).

What is Russia’s top five exports?

Russia's main exports are: fuels and energy products (63 percent of total shipments, of which crude oil and natural gas accounted for 26 percent and 12 percent respectively); metals (10 percent); machinery and equipment (7.4 percent); chemical products (7.4 percent) and foodstuffs and agricultural products (5 percent).

Are Oreos still in Russia?

Mondelez (company slogan 'Snacking made right') continues to manufacture and sell its wares in Russia and pay taxes to the Russian state despite the war in Ukraine. Mondelez is blacklisted by Ukraine because it still owns factories in Russia, continues to operate as usual and pays taxes in Russia.

How many Russians left Russia?

The Washington Post called the current exodus “a tidal wave on scale with emigration following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991.” About 1 million Russians have left since 2022, including an estimated 100,000 IT specialists who comprise 10% of the technology sector.

Is Alibaba shipping to us?

About product and suppliers

Wholesalers on Alibaba provide a wide range of ship to usa for you to browse.

What is Joom advertising?

Joom Ads is a marketing tool designed to help merchants generate more sales. Joom Ads increases the exposure of your products by putting them in front of truly interested customers.

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